About LeadsWize

Most businesses today are equipped with CRM systems that are designed to manage clients. CRM systems poorly provide, if at all, the capabilities of managing prospective clients (leads). Basically, CRM systems are not designed to support the initial selling phase, and the CRM systems that attempt to support it, provide a complicated interface as part of a full CRM solution. Other businesses that are not equipped with a CRM system due to its costs and complexity may use tools such as Excel or Access that lack essential features.

Businesses are therefore left with no efficient tool to manage their leads and analyze their results.

We provide a solution dedicated to the initial selling process that is designed to boost conversions.

Leadswize also provides real-time and verified leads through its websites:

  • BestRate.co.il
  • WiningLeads.co.il
  • Usure.co.il
  • Mekif.co.il
  • Finansim.co.il
  • BstQuote.com
  • Movzzz.com
Fully dynamic system

Easy to customize so it will feel as if coded for your business needs.

Supports mobiles and tablets

Responsive design that allows you access from any device.

Easy leads uploading

Leads are uploaded through Post, Web Service, Excel or Manually

Automatic Follow Ups

make sure the leads are not forgotten. auto folloups will save time and prevent lost leads

Automatic Text Massages

Connect with your clients through SMS easily.

99.9% Uptime

Hosted on the cloud via Microsoft Azure allows for 99.9% Uptime!

Lead providers management

manage your lead providers and allow them access to see their leads

Built in real-time reports

get reports in real time. see how your sales team and lead sources are performing in seconds